Comprehensive & Radiographic Examinations


Comprehensive Examinations

Acclaim Dental recommends all new patients at the practice have a full thorough examination. In this appointment on the Dentist's will take a series of radiographs to check for dental caries. The Dentist will also check the mouth thoroughly and do an oral cancer screeing checking your soft tissues for any oral cancers and abnormalities. Your cheeks, lips, tongue, throat and palate will be checked making sure they are healthy. In this appointment the Dentist will give the patient any treatment estimates and go through the treatment estimates and provide the patient with any brochures relevent to treatment proposed. Acclaim Dental recommends a periodic examination every 6 months and every two years a comprehensive examination with a re-peat of radiographs.


Radiographic Examinations

A dental radiograph is an image produced on a phospher or sensor plate. The image is created when gamma rays hit a sensor on the plate; the image is then processed on a computer. Radiographs are a necessary part of mouth examinations as they allow the dental professional to diagnose any dental conditions such as dental caries, infections, cysts, gum disease and bone loss as well as oral cancer. Using the diagnosis of these films the dental professional is able to produce a dental management plan for treating any conditions of the mouth.

How much radiation am I exposed to?

At Acclaim Dental we use digital radiographs, using a sensor plate, resulting in less radiation doses than earlier types of dental radiographs. The amount of radiation a patient is exposed to is less than what a person would receive by just being outside and receiving background radiation. Background radiation is specified as from the sun and atmosphere.

Bitewing Radiographs

Bitewing radiographs are taken on the left and right hand side of the mouth showing the dental professional the crowns of the teeth. These films are important for diagnosing dental problems which may not have been diagnosed just by looking in the mouth. These films are taken every 2 years.

Periapical Radiographs

A periapical film shows the entire tooth including the crown and the root, this allows the dentist to examine the apex ( tip) of the root, looking for abscesses, cysts or gum disease. These radiographs aren't taking routinely, only when the patients have a concern with a particular tooth or area of the mouth. 

Your Plan For A Better You

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