Crowns, Bridges, Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a custom-made shell like material (often likened to a false finger nail), specially prepared to make your teeth look and feel natural. They are permanently bonded to the tooth, offering an aesthetically pleasing finish to your smile, with outstanding durability and strength. Veneers are a fantastic way of improving your smile.  In just two visits you can achieve your ideal smile.


When a tooth is heavily restored, very broken down or worn, or requires more than a filling, a crown may be required. A crown is an artificial covering that fits over the existing natural tooth. Crowns are also used to repair badly decayed, broken, root filled or severely discoloured teeth.  We offer both gold or ceramic (tooth coloured) materials for your crowns, taking into consideration the aesthetics of the area where the crown is to be placed.


Bridges are the traditional method used to replace missing teeth and is a series of inter-connecting crowns to stabilise your bite. There are several varieties, depending on the site in your mouth, your bite and also the aesthetic and functional considerations. A bridge will keep teeth from drifting into the space created by a missing tooth. Help preserve normal function and a normal bite for the jaw joint. The most common type of bridge involves applying crowns to the two teeth on either side of a gap, and inserting a pontic (false tooth) where the tooth has been removed. A bridge is most suitable in areas where teeth on either side of the gap have been filled and would benefit from restoration with crowns. However, if the teeth beside the gap are unfilled it might be better to explore other options, such as implants.  This avoids having to cut otherwise-perfect teeth.

Your Plan For A Better You

We care about making sure you get the best dental treatment you deserve which is why we offer DentiCare Payment Plans as a convenient and easy way to budget and pay for your dental care. DentiCare Payment Plans are simple, flexible and are tailored to suit you. There are no complicated finance contracts, no credit checks or any interest to pay.

  • A simple, interest free direct debit plan for your treatment
  • No credit checks or complicated finance contracts
  • Start your plan for a better you today

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